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If you’ve outgrown your current site, or maybe don’t have one at all and seriously need to check “build website” off your to-do list, let's chat. Because let's be honest — you have a business to run and better things to do than googling “Squarespace vs. Wordpress.” With a modern design style and strategic approach, I'll work with you to create a website that turns heads and opens wallets.

Let me save you time and get your website up and running.



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I build all of my websites on Squarespace because it's customizable, great for SEO and easy to maintain. If you're not in love with your current site, or if you don't have a site yet, take the quiz to find out if Squarespace is right for you.

Samantha Chow Los Angeles Squarespace Designer


I help entrepreneurs build and launch sites that are as unique as their businesses. My goal is to make your life easier by taking care of the tech stuff, so you can get back to running your business. I'm based in sunny Los Angeles, but my clients are awesome people living all over the world.

You'll find me with a cup of tea in hand 365 days out of the year. Photo evidence is provided.

You'll find me with my cat Snowpaws in my other hand, because otherwise he'd be stepping all over my damn keybowih#2b{x<`jo


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